Sunday, May 25, 2014

quick post tonight.  polishing off a bottle of chardonnay in preparation of my alcohol free two weeks of clean eating.  Starting tomorrow, following the menu on buzzfeed.. not for any specific reason other than I'm bored and what can it hurt.  If I lost a few lbs before bikini time, I wouldn't hate it.

I read back to my first post on here when I started this blog.  It was from 2 years ago, and I was in the midst of a fight w T.. rereading that w today's eyes, it hurt my heart.  Things haven't changed, at least not for the better.  The things I was so hurt and shocked by then are still the things that hurt (but not shock anymore) me now.  That was a depressing punch to the guts.

Bottom line.  I.  am.  too.  good.  for.  this.  shit.

Now if I can just make it happen.

I'm excited to focus the next two weeks on healthiness, strength, independence, and wide open possibilities.  Even if all that includes right now is kale and yoga, so be it.

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